Scientific Report Cites Breakthrough in Treatment of Hair Loss and Hair Growth Disorders by Normalising the Hair Growth Cycle

Marilex®, containing proprietary, bioavailable proteoglycans proven to be key ingredient in hair follicle stimulation.

Findings released in the peer-reviewed Journal of Applied Cosmetology.

The search for a cure to receding hairlines, general hair growth disorders and thinning locks could be at an end as the findings of the clinical paper published in the Journal of Applied Cosmetology cite the use of specific proteoglycans in the treatment of hair loss in multiple scenarios and across both genders.

The well-regarded peer-to-peer validated scientific journal published the findings of 28 years of rigorous testing and research of the use of specific proteoglycans in restoring hair loss.

Marilex®, a proprietary, bioavailable fractionated fish extract with specific lectican and leucine proteoglycans, and the key ingredient in Nourkrin®, was singled out as performing the function of stimulating hair follicle formation and normalising the Hair Growth Cycle. This represents a vital product in reducing and reversing hair loss for the hundreds of millions of sufferers across the world.

A Hair Growth Cycle normalisation treatment product has been developed by Pharma Medico Group, which contains the specific proteoglycans in Marilex® – also developed by Pharma Medico Group. The report clearly states that per oral OTC supplements containing these proteoglycans, (specific lectican and leucine proteoglycans – only found in Marilex®) provide the body and the hair follicles with the crucial and specific bioavailable components needed for normal functioning in both men and women.

Conclusion: Using Nourkrin® containing the proprietary ingredient Marilex®, is beneficial as a continuous, baseline treatment in all types of hair loss and also when targeting age and stress related hair loss cases, both as a prophylactic (preventative measure), and a therapy (treatment).

The findings now pave the way for millions of male and female sufferers of hair loss across the UK to finally address the spectre of receding hairlines, hair growth disorders and thinning locks, promising immeasurable psychological and emotional benefits for those currently affected.

Nourkrin®, with Marilex®, is available as an OTC food supplement in the United Kingdom and other markets, ensuring that some of the primary causes of balding amongst women, such as post-partum hair loss and menopausal hair loss, can be addressed with a safe, drug-free, trusted supplement. For the more robust male pattern baldness, Marilex® can prevent further hair loss if used when the first signs of receding or thinning begins.

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