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When you visit our website, data is collected concerning you, which is used to adapt and improve our content and ads. If you do not wish for such data to be collected, you should erase your cookies and avoid further use of the website. We have detailed the information that is collected below, as well as their purpose and the third parties that have access to it.


The website utilises “cookies”, which are text files that are stored on your computer, mobile phone or the like for the purpose of recognising it, remembering settings, obtaining statistics and targeting ads. Cookies cannot contain harmful code, such as a virus.

It is possible to erase or block cookies.

If you erase or block cookies, ads might become less relevant to you, and appear more often. You furthermore risk the website no longer functioning optimally, as well as there being content that you cannot gain access to.

The website contains cookies from third parties, which are detailed in the overview at the bottom of this page.

Personal Data


Personal data include all kinds of information that might, in one way or another, be attributed to you. When you utilise our website, we collect and process a variety of such information. This may, for example, happen through normal accessing of the content, when you subscribe to our newsletter, participate in competitions or surveys, register as a user or subscriber, as well as in other use of services or if you make a purchase via the website.

We typically collect and process the following types of data: A unique ID and technical data regarding your computer, tablet or mobile phone, your IP-address, geographical location and which pages you select (interests). To the extent that you provide explicit consent for it, and enter the information yourself, we furthermore process: Name, phone number, email, address and payment details. This would typically occur within the context of logging in or making a purchase.


We have taken technical and organisational precautions to prevent your data being accidentally or illegally erased, published, lost, degraded, acquired by unauthorised persons, misused or otherwise processed in infringement of the law.


The data are used to identify you as a user and show you the ads that are most likely to be relevant to you, to register your purchases and payments, as well as to provide the services you have requested, e.g. sending you a newsletter. We furthermore utilise the data to optimise our services and content.

Storage period

The data are stored for the period permitted in accordance with the law, and we will erase them when they are no longer necessary. This period will depend on the nature of the data and the basis for their being stored.It is therefore not possible to state a general timeframe for when the information will be erased.

Disclosure of data

Data regarding your use of the website, the ads you receive and potentially select, geographic location, sex and age bracket etc. are disclosed to third parties to the extent that such data are known. You can see the third parties concerned in the “Cookies” section above. The data are used to target advertising.

We furthermore utilise a number of third parties to store and process data. These purely process data on our behalf, and may not utilise them for their own purposes.

Disclosure of personal data, such as your name, email etc., can only happen if you consent to it. We only utilise data processors in the EU or in countries that can provide sufficient protection for your data.

Access and objections

You have the right to be informed of which personal data we process regarding you. You can furthermore object at any time to data being used. You can also revoke your consent to data regarding you being processed. If the processed data regarding you is incorrect, you have the right for them to be rectified or erased. Enquiries regarding this can be directed to: [email protected]. If you wish to object to our processing of your personal data, you also have the option of contacting ICO.


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Third parties

Third parties with access to cookies and information relating to the use of this site:

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