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By Author / September 1, 2017

Nourkrin®: Objective and Subjective Effects and Tolerability in Persons with Hair Loss

The study, which was randomised, double-blind and placebo-controlled, was designed to examine the efficacy and tolerability of the natural product Nourkrin®, which is a treatment for hair loss based on marine protein, vitamins and minerals. The study had fifty-five participants.


The product has previously been shown to have a favourable effect of hair loss in open pilot studies, and the study in question meant to account for the effect and tolerability of Nourkrin® in subjects experiencing hair loss.


Male and female volunteers over the age of 18 were signed up to the study. All subjects had experienced hair loss problems for at least one year before the study. The study was carried out as a randomised, double-blind and placebo-controlled study with two parts followed by a phase with active treatment.


All subjects were classified according to their hair loss and its duration as well as previous hair loss treatments. Subjects were seen in the beginning of the study and every second month of the 6 months of the blinded phase and again at the end of the 12 months using Nourkrin®. Subjects using the placebo during the blinded phase were seen every 6 months of their 12 months using Nourkrin®.


At each consultation, subjects scored how satisfied they were with their results on a scale from 1 to 10 and also reported whether or not they had received comments from family member or their hairdresser on their hair growth. Tolerability was likewise checked at every consultation, and a hair counting was carried out at the beginning and at end of the blinded phase of the study.


Sixty subjects started the trial, five dropped out during the study, none of them due to side effects. The results from the study indicate that long-term use is preferable for satisfactory results using Nourkrin®. The tolerability was equally good in the two study groups.


Conclusion: Nourkrin® with Marilex® has a significant effect on hair growth and no reported side effects. The results indicate that long-term treatment (6 months or more) is preferable for satisfactory results.