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Hair loss is not a life threatening condition, but it is certainly life altering.
The better we are at talking about hair growth disorders together, the more confident you will become to start talking about and dealing with your own situation.
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TV Documentary
Understanding Female Hair Thinning:
The Causes and Psychological Effects

A recent documentary featuring two National Hair Council Experts, Dr. David H. Kingsley and Psychologist Corinne Sweet, contains a wealth of knowledge on the physiological and psychological aspects, as well as answers to practical issues when experiencing female hair thinning and hair loss.

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Expert Interviews

We interview a range of healthcare and industry experts to bring you original insight and information straight from the source.

Insight into the Hair Loss Consultation Process as a Trichologist

An Interview with Dr. David H. Kingsley – President of the World Trichology Society

Dr. David H. Kingsley, President of the World Trichology Society, shares his expertise on what women and men concerned about hair loss need to know, as well as insight into the Hair Loss Consultation process from a trichology perspective.

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Discussing the causes and effects of hair thinning and hair loss.

National Hair Council Experts, Dr. David H. Kingsley and Psychologist Corinne Sweet went on BBC Radio to discuss the common causes of hair loss, and the emotional impact this carries for women.

Time to Talk

Our Time to Talk articles are meant to enlighten and inspire you to open up and talk about all aspects of hair growth disorders.

Showing sympathy and empathy.

If someone you know opens up about her hair thinning and/or hair loss with you, the first thing you should always do is show a sense of sympathy and empathy.

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Take Control

Be <span>Smart</span>

Be Smart

Get the Hair Loss Facts

Knowledge about the facts enables you to ask the right questions, which will help you get the right answers.

Learn the facts and become more familiar with hair loss as a condition. Read more

Be <span>Open</span>

Be Open

Start Talking

Knowledge enables you to read and become critical about information relating to hair growth disorders.

With thought-provoking discussions, media interviews with experts and case studies, we bring you the most relevant information about hair loss, so that you can start talking and bring the conversation about hair loss and hair thinning out in the open and public eye.
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Be <span>Change</span>

Be Change

Take Control

Knowledge allows you to take control of your situation.

Learn how to take effective action and improve your hair growth issue by following a few simple steps.
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