Pat Marshall, a librarian, suffered from severely thinning hair after stopping HRT treatments.

“Thin hair had always been a family trait, but after stopping HRT mine became noticeably worse. I even told my hairdresser not to show me the back of my head because it made me so depressed. Friends and family were quite sensitive and didn’t really bring it up – maybe they thought it would upset me – but it was something I often discussed with my husband.

It was after a family event that I decided to take action – a video camera had been positioned behind my head without me knowing and when I watched the video, all I could focus on was my scalp showing through my hair. It was distressing and embarrassing. I was about to start looking for wigs when I saw an advert for [a leading UK supplement brand] and thought I would give it a try. Nothing else had worked and I had nothing to lose.

Designed to help support normal hair growth cycles, I took a supplement each day and I started to see a significant difference in my hair after six months of taking it. My scalp was no longer showing, I had a lot of regrowth and people were even commenting on how thick my hair looked. It’s wonderful to be able to look in the mirror again with pride.”

Source: – 22.02.2015

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