What would you give to preserve your hair?

This is a question many men ask themselves…but is it the right one? Do we really have to make a sacrifice?

The price Paul had to pay in the name of hair preservation may make you think twice about the pills you take.

In 2012, a clinical study called ‘Persistent sexual side effects of finasteride: could they be permanent?’ was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. In the study it was found that 89% of participants met the definition of ‘sexual dysfunction’ after taking the prescription drug ‘finasteride’ for hair loss.

Moreover, it was concluded that in most men who developed persistent sexual side effects (for 3 months or longer), the sexual dysfunction continued for many months or years, despite the discontinuation of the drug.

In June 2014, the latest real-life example of these side effects appeared in the British press, when a UK man shared his story. Just six weeks after Paul Innes began a course of finasteride he began experiencing a change in mental state that altered his personality and sleep patterns. The changes to Paul’s body did not stop there, and eventually turned into physical symptoms related to sexual dysfunction – ultimately ruining personal, romantic relationships.

It is thought that the hair loss drug in question alters the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain, which affect one’s mood and body functions. This is why when it comes to treating symptoms of thinning hair and hair loss men must seriously consider the risk that these treatments pose to mental and physical health.

Stories like Paul’s are catching the attention of men all over, and these men are no longer accepting the risk of harmful side effects when it comes to hair preservation.

Source: thesun.co.uk 2014

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