Take Control

Approaching hair growth disorders in order to take effective action starts with dialogue.

No matter who you are, the sooner you can start a dialogue based on facts, the better.

If you yourself have a hair growth disorder (hair thinning, hair loss or other), or you are a healthcare or industry professional (doctor, pharmacist, hairdresser or other), there is certain knowledge and effective conversational measures that provide key knowledge to be able to approach the problem in the right manner – and take control.

Be Brave

Learn why it is important to approach your medical consultation with confidence, and ensure that your chosen advisor understands the real impact that your hair growth disorder has on your life.

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Be Factual

You naturally expect the person you confide in to have a solution off hand…but you can find yourself in a situation where he or she does not fully appreciate your hair loss concerns.

Learn these tips to ensure that you steer the conversation so your problem remains in focus, and that you get the right solution for you.

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Take Control

Be <span>Smart</span>

Be Smart

Get the Hair Loss Facts

Knowledge about the facts enables you to ask the right questions, which will help you get the right answers.

Learn the facts and become more familiar with hair loss as a condition. Read more

Be <span>Open</span>

Be Open

Start Talking

Knowledge enables you to read and become critical about information relating to hair growth disorders.

With thought-provoking discussions, media interviews with experts and case studies, we bring you the most relevant information about hair loss, so that you can start talking and bring the conversation about hair loss and hair thinning out in the open and public eye.
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Be <span>Change</span>

Be Change

Take Control

Knowledge allows you to take control of your situation.

Learn how to take effective action and improve your hair growth issue by following a few simple steps.
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