Surprising facts about GPs revealed

Find out why 70% of the time your colleagues use the ‘stress shortcut’ when it comes to diagnosing hair loss causes.

Further research recently commissioned by the National Hair Council has brought important and new insight on your colleagues and the way they address the problem.

Overall, 64% of GPs have recognised a significant increase in women seeking help for hair loss over the last few years.

However, 37% of the time GPs are unable to identify the main cause of hair loss in female patients.

At the same time, 52% reported an increase in women seeking help for stress.
Consequently, 70% of the time GPs used the ‘stress shortcut’ when explaining the hair growth disorder – sending their patient home without recommending an active approach to treatment.

The problem with not recommending an active approach

Treatment options against female hair thinning and hair loss are still limited in number and effectiveness, however the body of research on the types and causes of hair loss conditions is still continuing to develop – giving you more and more options.

Women suffering hair growth disorders are not actually looking for big promises or false hopes – they are realistic. In principle, they just want an active solution that can help improve their current situation in some way.

The Solution:

As a doctor, you are obliged to help your patient in any way possible.

You have a responsibility to inform that no matter the type or cause of hair loss, the Hair Growth Cycle is always negatively affected.

Therefore, you will never go wrong recommending a baseline product that directly supports the Hair Growth Cycle because this is the mechanism controlling hair growth and quality.

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Be Smart

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Be Open

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