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By Author / February 10, 2020

Treating Female Diffuse Hair Loss using Nourkrin® Woman (with Marilex®) – An Open-label, Subjective, Outcome Study on Hair Growth and Appearance, Self-Confidence and Treatment Satisfaction

Diffuse hair loss in women is a common and significant health issue that negatively affects their body image, self-confidence and perceived quality of life. This condition is still poorly understood by the public and healthcare professionals, and the available therapeutic options are limited. Oral administration of certain specific proteoglycans, known as Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy (PRT), is a novel approach to hair loss with positive outcomes from clinical trials. The present study aimed to evaluate the patients’ perception of the effects of monotherapy with Nourkrin® Woman, a PRT containing a specific complex of bioactive proteoglycans (Marilex®).

114 women (mean age = 42.9 years) with variable degrees of non-inflammatory diffuse hair loss (female pattern hair loss or telo-gen effluvium) participated in an open-label, subjective study carried out in the United Kingdom under dermatological supervision from the World Hair Council. Participants voluntarily started a 6-month course of treatment with Nourkrin® Woman (600mg Marilex® per day) and were interviewed every three months using a yes-no questionnaire.

At month three, a significant 92.11% of subjects experi-enced improvement in the growth of their hair; 93.86% believed their hair had better quality and appearance; 77.19% had an enhanced self-confidence and overall satisfaction with their hair. All partici-pants expressed their overall satisfaction with the Nourkrin® treat-ment. Satisfaction rates increased when continuing the treatment for six months to 96.49% for hair growth, 97.37% for hair appear-ance and 80.70% for hair self-confidence. At the end of the study, 98.25% of women with hair loss expressed their overall satisfaction with PRT with Nourkrin® Woman. No significant, treatment-related side effect was reported.

Conclusion: Findings from this investigation support the conclu-sion that oral PRT with Nourkrin® enhances hair growth and appear-ance, improves self-confidence and hair satisfaction as perceived by the patients with diffuse hair loss. Overall treatment satisfaction with Nourkrin® has been markedly high in this study.

Read the article here: https://www.heraldopenaccess.us/openaccess/treating-female-diffuse-hair-loss-using-nourkrin-woman-with-marilex