of women suffer hair thinning, hair loss or hair growth issues in silence.

The National Hair Council wants to change this.

of men suffering hair loss don't know this issue can be approached in an effective manner.

of men suffering hair loss don't know this issue can be approached in an effective manner.

Welcome to the official website for the National Hair Council.

The National Hair Council is a global non-profit, non-trading network of leading healthcare professionals and relevant experts dedicated to bringing a better quality of life to sufferers of hair growth disorders.

This website is provided as a free resource to enlighten and empower men and women experiencing hair growth disorders, and provide the relevant information, education and support needed to overcome them, and take effective action to improve their situation.


The Hair Growth Cycle

Understanding the Hair Growth Cycle is a basic condition that all knowledge is built upon.

The facts are, that regardless of the hair loss cause or type, the Hair Growth Cycle is always affected. A disruption to the normal, healthy Hair Growth Cycle is often the major contributor to increased hair shedding and weaker re-growth.

The Normal Hair Growth Cycle

85-90% of the hair is actively growing at any given time, whilst 10-15% of hair sits inactive in the follicle after reaching its full growth potential. Read more

The Disrupted Hair Growth Cycle

Regardless of the hair loss cause the Hair Growth Cycle is always negatively affected; resulting in a ‘Disrupted Hair Growth Cycle’.
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A Normalised Hair Growth Cycle

The goal of any treatment approach, no matter what the cause and type, is therefore to use a baseline approach that normalises and restores this disruption to the normal, healthy Hair Growth Cycle. Read more

The causes and types of hair loss.

It is important to know that the specific factors related to your individual situation can be difficult to pinpoint without professional counsel, and sometimes it is even difficult for the professionals themselves.

However, by becoming familiar with the most common causes and types, you can better understand hair loss as a condition and the fact that the Hair Growth Cycle always plays a role.

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Hair Loss

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Take Control

Be <span>Smart</span>

Be Smart

Get the Hair Loss Facts

Knowledge about the facts enables you to ask the right questions, which will help you get the right answers.

Learn the facts and become more familiar with hair loss as a condition. Read more

Be <span>Open</span>

Be Open

Start Talking

Knowledge enables you to read and become critical about information relating to hair growth disorders.

With thought-provoking discussions, media interviews with experts and case studies, we bring you the most relevant information about hair loss, so that you can start talking and bring the conversation about hair loss and hair thinning out in the open and public eye.
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Be <span>Change</span>

Be Change

Take Control

Knowledge allows you to take control of your situation.

Learn how to take effective action and improve your hair growth issue by following a few simple steps.
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