World Hair Council

Education Centre

The World Hair Council Education Centre helped me understand aspects of pathologies I did not know before, enabling me to increase my treatment results. And at the same time my patient inflow increased dramatically due to being exposed to more potential patients by the World Hair Council.
- Dermatologist with speciality in Trichology

The World Hair Council Education Centre consists of free, invitation only, training programmes developed for healthcare professionals, retail professionals and aesthetic professionals confronted with hair loss on a frequent basis.

Created in collaboration with the World Hair Council, the World Hair Council Education Centre provides an exclusive opportunity to expand your knowledge base on hair health, hair growth disruption and empowers students to deal with Proteoglycan Follicular Atrophy, the underlying factor in almost all types of hair loss in men and women.

By completing the Education Centre Training Programme, you will become the important go-to contact for those who require sound knowledge and advice about hair thinning, hair loss and hair growth disorders. This means that you will be able to confidently give advice about the proper treatment and therapeutic approaches that are the safest and most effective – no matter the type and cause of the hair growth disorder.

As a graduate (Alumni) you will join an elite group of colleagues and peers as a World Hair Council certified professional, and will be made locally and globally recognisable, through the World Hair Council expert pages as a qualified source of information and treatment. You will also be receiving official graduation materials and a diploma validated by globally recognised KOL’s and researchers within the field.

Historically, a large communication gap existed around the subject of hair thinning and hair loss. With the plethora of misinformation and ineffective products available, hair thinning, and hair loss have become taboo topics, and often lead to a sense of embarrassment and even hopelessness.