About World Hair Council

The World Hair Council is a global non-profit, non-trading network of leading healthcare professionals and relevant experts dedicated to improving quality of life for sufferers of hair growth disorders.

In the early 2000’s, a group of dermatologists, hair specialists, and researchers with decades of clinical experience, came together in hopes of establishing a global knowledge sharing network focused on the research, treatment, and dissemination of knowledge about hair loss disorders.

The World Hair Council was born from that idea and today we help ensure that doctors and treatment professionals can share ideas and clinical research, and that hair loss sufferers can receive the most up-to-date, science-based therapies.

Our Vision

To improve quality-of-life for men and women around the world who are suffering from hair loss, hair thinning, and hair growth disorders through treatment knowledge, accessibility, and proven results.

Our Mission

To empower men and women suffering from hair growth disruption by providing tools that close the knowledge and communication gaps between sufferers and healthcare professionals.

Empowerment Through Knowledge and Network

Whether you’re grappling with a hair growth disorder, or you’re a healthcare or industry professional, understanding the causes, complexity, and consequences of hair loss is pivotal. Our hope is to disseminate this information and to act as a hub where sufferers and treatment providers can meet one another.

Putting an end to silent suffering

Research conducted on behalf of the World Hair Council reveals that men and women currently facing hair growth challenges and hair loss, despite the profound physical and emotional repercussions, often don’t know where to seek guidance. This lack of awareness prevents them from accessing treatments that could notably enhance their circumstances and life quality.

Currently, 46% of women silently endure hair loss. Only 18% have briefly discussed their hair growth concerns with a general practitioner, and astonishingly, none have consulted a dermatologist or any hair loss specialised healthcare professional.

In the present, 75% of men with hair loss are unaware that there are straightforward and effective solutions to their problem.

To date, 71% of women have faced some type of hair loss.

Of these:

  • 83% believe that hair loss impacts their confidence
  • 71% feel it affects their social interactions
  • 57% think it hinders their professional life
  • 85% sense a decrease in their perceived attractiveness

In a more specific context, 78% believe their lives are notably more stressful now than they were five years prior. Among these individuals:

  • 89% perceive that stress has altered their hair’s appearance, yet
  • 30% have briefly discussed potential cosmetic remedies with a hairdresser
  • 34% have confided in a friend or relative about their emotional distress
  • 46% keep their struggles private, uncertain about seeking assistance

The study underscores that a mere 18% of women dealing with hair loss have approached their general practitioner for solutions.

Among the 18% who did consult a general practitioner, a significant majority felt their concerns were downplayed. They often felt medical professionals lacked understanding or were ill-equipped to converse about hair growth challenges. This lack of support amplifies stress and frustration, detrimentally affecting the well-being and exacerbating the hair loss issue of these women.

Our Experts

Our experts comprise doctors, dermatologists, clinical and pharmacological researchers, pharmacists and all other healthcare and aesthetic professionals who are working with, or are confronted with, hair growth issues and hair loss on a daily basis; they independently donate their time to the World Hair Council.

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