About World Hair Council

The World Hair Council is a global non-profit, non-trading network of leading healthcare professionals and relevant experts dedicated to bringing a better quality of life to sufferers of hair growth disorders globally.

Having worked in the field of hair loss research since 1978, a group of dermatological specialists and researchers established that there was a need to build a bridge between the scientific evolvement in pathologies and the treating doctors in order to ensure that sufferers were provided with the most up to date therapies.

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life of men and women suffering hair loss, hair thinning and hair growth disorders by improving treatment results.

Our Mission

To empower men and women, suffering hair growth disruption by closing the communication gap to healthcare professionals. Ultimately this ensures effective and proven treatment forms are provided.

Our Experts

Our experts comprise doctors, dermatologists, clinical and pharmacological researchers, pharmacists and all other healthcare and aesthetic professionals who are working with, or are confronted with, hair growth issues and hair loss on a daily basis; they independently donate their time to the World Hair Council.

Our Reason for Forming the Council

Opinion Health research, undertaken for World Hair Council, documented that men and women suffering hair growth issues and hair loss felt, despite the high physical and emotional impact of the condition, that they did not know where to turn to for knowledge and advice in relation to tackling their condition. This resulted in them missing out on treatment that could improve their situation immensely and give them a better quality of life.

46% of women suffer hair loss in silence; only 18% of women spoke briefly to their general practitioner about their hair growth issue, while none consulted a dermatologist or other hair loss qualified healthcare professional.

75% of men suffering hair loss did not know that this issue can be addressed in a simple and effective manner.

Overall, 71% of women experienced a form of hair loss at some point in their life.
Of these,

  • 83% felt that hair loss has affected their confidence
  • 71% felt that hair loss has affected their socialising
  • 57% felt that hair loss has affected their work
  • 85% felt that hair loss has affected their attractiveness

More specifically, 78% felt that their life is generally more stressful today than five years ago.
Of these,

  • 89% feel that this has had an impact on their hair’s physical appearance, however, and surprisingly, only
  • 30% spoke briefly to their hairdresser about possible temporary cosmetic solutions
  • 34% turned to a friend or family member to talk to about their emotional frustration
  • 46% suffered in silence not knowing where to turn to for help

The research highlighted that only 18% of women experiencing hair loss turned to their general practitioner for help.

Of the 18% of women who did turn to a general practitioner, the overwhelming majority however felt that they and their problem was not taken seriously enough, and in many instances,  they did not really know how to deal with the problem or have a dialogue about the hair growth issue. This caused increased stress and frustration and had a negative psychological impact among hair loss sufferers. Ultimately this led to a reduced quality of life and a worsening of the problem.

Having Knowledge and Taking Control Is Key to Success

If you have a hair growth disorder (hair thinning, hair loss or other) or you are a healthcare or industry professional (doctor, pharmacist, hair professional or other), there is certain knowledge needed to be able to approach the problem in the right manner and bridge the communication gap to take control.

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