World Hair Council

Care Centre

The World Hair Council Care Centre is a user-friendly engaging platform allowing sufferers to consult with their chosen healthcare professional in an effective and comfortable setting, thus increasing the impact and effectiveness of consultations.

In order to use the features of the Care Centre as a sufferer you need to have been invited by the World Hair Council or your healthcare professional personally. This ensures the confidence of your data and dialogue at all times.

This is fantastic. For the first time in years I feel that my doctor is listening to me and understands what I am saying. It is almost like having the old-style visiting family doctor back.
- Patient user
The World Hair Council Care Centre has helped me engage better with my patients, enabling me to focus on the patientcare, whereby I have been able to increase my treatment results – using far less time than normal consultations last. And at the same time my patient satisfaction has increase dramatically, as my patients feel that I am much closer and personal with them.
- Dermatologist with speciality in Trichology